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About Kowin ATL

About Kowin ATL

The Korean Women’s International Network (“KOWIN”) is a network of women leaders of Korean descent around the world with the purpose of networking and facilitating discussion of issues concerning Korean women.

The formation of the KOWIN network was encouraged and facilitated by the Ministry of Gender Equality & Family of the Republic of Korea recognizing the need of strengthened solidarity amongst Korean women from different regions of the world to develop and better utilize their resources for greater causes in this age of globalization.

Currently, there are over 130 chapters in more than 30 countries actively participating in different activities to promote networking among ourselves, advocating for each other and mentoring younger generations.

The KOWIN Atlanta was established in 2011 as one of the Chapter of the KOWIN U.S. Eastern region( New York, Washington DC, Dallas, Atlanta and Chicago).

KOWIN Atlanta focuses on leadership seminars, education on environmental issues, and promoting women’s health issues. KOWIN Atlanta, consisting of professionals in various fields, plans to have annual leadership seminar to share the experiences with each other and to mentor and nurture the next generation of Korean American women professionals.